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Crime Fiction

Winner of 2004 German Critics Award for International Crime Fiction
(Deutsche Krimi Preis)
Winner of 2007 Premier Special Director’s Award Semana Negra (Spain)
(Zero Hour in Phnom Penh)
Winner of 2011 Shamus Award for Best Original Paperback (Asia Hand)

Moore’s Vincent Calvino is listed among “100 Eyes of Mystery Scene Era” published in the 100th issue of Mystery Scene Magazine

“Christopher G Moore's Vincent Calvino series is not only a fine collection of finely calibrated mysteries, it's also a chronicle of major upheavals - political, criminal, pathological and even psychosexual - that have rocked Southeast Asia over the last two decades.”
—Jim Algie, The Nation

“Moore's Vincent Calvino novels ... are crisp, atmospheric entertainments set in a noirish Bangkok.”

“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.”
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Vincent Calvino is one of the most notable detectives of modern crime literature.”
—Harmut Wilmes, Klönische Rundschau

“Vincent Calvino is a terrific character who could only have been drafted into action by a terrific writer.”
—T. Jefferson Parker, author of L.A. Outlaws.

“The Vincent Calvino series belongs on every Asian crime list.”

“Every big city has its fictional detective; and Bangkok’s is Vincent Calvino.”
Bangkok 101

“A vivid sense of place ... the city of Bangkok, with its chaos and mystery, is almost another character. Recommened.”
Library Journal

“I have come late to Christopher Moore's PI novels featuring Vincent Calvino. And that's been my loss.... Calvino is the hard-boiled successor of Philip Marlowe, a damaged, beaten-down but never beaten protagonist who doesn't know when to quit. The Bangkok he inhabits is full of life, corruption and broken dreams. Moore drags you in to experience all of it.... His writing recalls the gritty noir of Chandler and the intrigue of Le Carre with a dry humour thrown in.”
—Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz

“Moore is a stylist much like the writers of the early to mid-20th century who kick-started the P.I. genre in America. He writes with the angry and sad voice of Ross Macdonald and the flow of and beauty of Raymond Chandler. Penning his books in the third-person, he uses allegory and symbolism to great effect. The Calvino series is distinctive and wonderful, not to be missed, and I’m pleased to see that it is finally becoming better known in the States.”
—Cameron Hughes, The Rap Sheet

“Moore’s work recalls the international ‘entertainments’ of Graham Greene or John le Carré, but the hard-bitten worldview and the cynical, bruised idealism of his battered hero is right out of Chandler. Intelligent and articulate, Moore offers a rich, passionate and original take on the private eye game, fans of the genre should definitely investigate, and fans of foreign intrigue will definitely appreciate.”
—Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

“Vincent Calvino, the Thailand-based reincarnation of private eye Sam Spade.”

“A worthy example of a serial character, Vincent Calvino is human and convincing.”
Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“Vincent Calvino is at once in the finest tradition of the lone private detective and a complete original.”
—Matt Beynon Rees, author of The Samaritan’s Secret

“Calvino is a wonderful private detective figure! Consistent action, masterful language ... and Anglo-Saxon humor at its best.”
Deutschland Radio

“The hard bitten detective is real, and grittily impressive.... Unlike many other fictional detectives, he doesn’t play in the manicured imagination of an armchair novelist. He’s real.”
—Tarun Cherian, Deccan Herald (India)

“If there’s a new book by Christopher G. Moore, the Bangkok-based Canadian author, I’ll read that, particularly if it’s a Calvino private eye one. His novels, set among louche expatriates in a semi-criminal nocturnal demi-monde, managed to put Bangkok into a context for me when I was spending time in S.E. Asia. He leads you into hidden establishments and constructs, some palatial, some mean hovels in hidden side-streets, to which only a cat could find its way and that by accident.”
Peter Stark,Quarterly Review

“Chris Moore’s series of private-eye tales set in the full mysterious splendor of bubbling Bangkok, Thailand, remind us anew of how much meaning we miss out on when we don’t worship true artists. Underneath Bangkok society is a deeply encrusted demiworld of hope, despair, corruption and courage that Moore … paints with maestrolike Dickensian strokes.”
—Thomas Plate, The Seattle Times

“Navigating Bangkok’s dark sidestreets and myriad underground cultures requires keen insight as well as the courage to look at corruption but see the hope that lies beneath. Vincent Calvino, a disbarred American lawyer turned PI, has been doing that for years as Christopher G. Moore shows in his award-winning series.”
—Oline H. Cogdill, Mystery Scene Magazine

“Globally acclaimed, Moore’s neo-noir series [is] as much about the clash of cultures and mindsets as crime.”
Bangkok 101

“It’s easy to see why Moore’s books are popular: While seasoned with a spicy mixture of humor and realism, they stand out as model studies in East-West encounters, as satisfying for their cultural insights as they are for their hardboiled action.”
—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“Although they are fiction, the Vincent Calvino novels record the main events that have rocked the history of Thailand’s capital. Moore’s insights into the Thai society, economy and politics make the Calvino series a valuable radiography of what Bangkok looks like through the detached eyes of an expat living in Thailand.”
Voicu Mihnea Simandan

“For those who like their mysteries dark and steamy, Christopher G. Moore’s Vincent Calvino suspense series is a must read. Told from the point of view of an expat New Yorker turned Bangkok private eye, Moore’s novels take you into the bowels of Southeast Asia, where life is cheap, greed is the norm, sex underpins even the most casual relationships, and nothing—nothing—is ever what it appears to be at first glance.”
—Shamus and Arthur Ellis Nominee Joseph Louis, author of Madelaine and other mysteries

“Fans of fast-paced detective fiction can enjoy a familiar Asian backdrop to murder, skullduggery, and espionage. Like the too-human detectives of popular fiction, Vincent Calvino is a likeable mercenary, a New York lawyer who’s given up practice to turn P.I. in the labyrinth of South-East Asian politics, double-dealing and fleeting relationships. Expect to be entertained as well as gain an insight into an expat perception of life.”
NTUC Lifestyle (Singapore)



Spirit House

Grove Press, trade paperback (2008) 304 pp.
Atlantic Books, trade paperback (2008)
Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 291 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (1999) 268 pp.
White Lotus (1992) 332 pp.

“Well-written, tough and bloody. ”
—Bernard Knight, Tangled Web (UK)

“A thinking man’s Philip Marlowe, Calvino is a cynic on the surface but a romantic at heart. Calvino . . . found himself in Bangkok—the end of the world for a whole host of bizarre foreigners unwilling, unable, or uninterested in going home.”
—The Daily Yomiuri

“A worthy example of a serial character, Vinee Calvino is human and convincing. [He] is an incarnate of the composite of the many expatriate characters who have burned the bridge to their pasts.”
—Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“For those who love Asia, they will devour Moore’s novels. He opens [Bangkok] in her darkest, most amusing facets. He reveals the inhabitants’ mindsets, their secrets and their temptations. Bangkok is his central figure.”
—Stadtmagazin Krefeld

“A complex and suggestive plot set in the underworld of Bangkok, full of foreign inhabitants. With all her contradictions, the city is more than a backdrop. She is alive.”

“Best in this Spring. Unionverslag brings the best selling author Christopher G. Moore to Germany. Hopefully more [of his novels] will follow. ”

“Good, that there are still real crime writers. Christopher G. Moore’s [Spirit House] is colourful and crafty. ”
—Johannes Kaiser, Hessischer Rundfunk

“Moore writes brilliantly and thrillingly. ”
—Schweizer Familie

Asia Hand


Atlantic Books, trade paperback (2010)
Black Cat, trade paperback (2010)

Heaven Lake Press (2000) 271 pp.
White Lotus (1993) 325 pp.

Winner of 2011 Shamus Award for Best Original Paperback (Asia Hand)

In Asia Hand, Moore delivers a gritty view of Bangkok, a city of “contrasts” where “things that are never done happen just about every day.

Fast moving and hypnotic, this was a great read.
Crime Spree Magazine

In Asia Hand, Christopher Moore builds the atmosphere, the ugliness, brilliantly.... This ain’t pretty boy, touristy stuff that passes for detective fiction.... The wash of human degradation threatens to drown you.
—Tarun Cherian, Deccan Herald (India)

Moore’s hard-boiled, noir plots and style place him hands-down as one of the top current crime writers.
—Tom McLaren, Gallup Journey

“Navigating Bangkok’s dark sidestreets and myriad underground cultures requires keen insight as well as the courage to look at corruption but see the hope that lies beneath. Vincent Calvino, a disbarred American lawyer turned PI, has been doing that for years as Christopher G. Moore shows in his award-winning series.”
—Mystery Scene Magazine, Oline H. Cogdill

Asia Hand is the kind of novel that grabs you and never lets go.”
—The Times of Inda

Asia Hand is a skillfully crafted, addictive ride through one of the planet's most raw and vivid cities. Moore and Calvino define the dark pungent cocktail that is Asian noir.”
Eliot Pattison, author of the “Inspector Shan” series

“In [Asia Hand], crime writer Christopher G. Moore does what he does best: kill someone and let the brash, unsuave, unpretentious Calvino unearth the dirty details. What follows is a journey into the big, bad, dark world of Bangkok politics and double-dealings. The stakes are high when luck forsakes the duo.”
—Hindustan Times

“Moore's stylish second Bangkok thriller… explores the dark side of both Bangkok and the human heart. Felicitous prose speeds the action along….”
—Publishers Weekly

“[Asia Hand] highly recommended to readers of hard-boiled detective fiction, as well as the classic American tough-guy authors (Raymond Chandler or, more recently, Robert B. Parker).”

“A well-crafted piece of modern noir fiction … well plotted, intricate and intelligent … What makes [Asia Hand] work is Moore’s insights into the interactions between ex-pats/foreigners (farangs) in Thailand and the Thai people… [Moore’s Vincent Calvino] series is great and beats the pants off of most crime fiction sitting on the shelves of my local bookstore.”

“Moore’s Vinny Calvino is a worthy successor to Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer.”
—The Nation

“The top foreign author focussing on the Land of Smiles, Canadian Christopher G. Moore clearly has a first-hand understanding of the expat milieu. . . . Moore is perspicacious.”
—Bangkok Post

Zero Hour in Phnom Penh

Heaven Lake Press (2005) 287 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (1999) 268 pp.
White Lotus (1994) 314 pp. (under title: CUT OUT)

Winner of 2004 German Critics Award for International Crime Fiction
(Deutsche Krimi Preis)
Winner of 2007 Premier Special Director’s Award Semana Negra (Spain)
for Stunde Null in Phnom Penh (Zero Hour in Phnom Penh)

Moore set the parameters of the Asian noir world, one where law is meaningless and power lies with the rich and ruthless.

The perfect hardboiled mystery. Vivid and scary. High stakes story for Calvino who faces betrayal from every side. The setting is provocative: the Cambodians have experienced so much death and destruction and live with so much corruption and so little safety that you wonder how much catching one murderer can really mater. This is one of my favorite noir aka hardboiled mysteries because it is written with a high level of artistry.
Cliffhangers Favorite Noir a.k.a. Harboiled Mysteries

A layered novel which transports the reader to the time when this beautifully complex country [Cambodia] is attempting to put the pieces of their broken past back together, while the pieces continue on a perpetual crumble.... A highly entertaining read that will stay in the forefront of your mind long after the book is closed, finished and has found its place back on the bookshelf.
Will Bowie's list of the 21 Greatest Books to inspire travel

Moore does a great job in Zero Hour of depicting two places I hope to never be – a seedy lakeside brothel, which doubles as a murder scene and the inside of a real life Cambodian prison, where life is not just cheap, to some it’s worthless. Moore seeks out societies at crossroads and he finds one in Cambodia, but in the process he tells the reader a ripper of a yarn with the added bonus of making us realize how unlucky some people are or conversely how lucky we are.
Kevin Cummings, Thailand Footprint: People, Things, Literature

A distinctly noir sensibility... There's no holds barred in the way that Phnom Penh is described, the way that the lawless society operates and the stark and very in-your-face descriptions of the differences between the UN peacekeepers and locals... There are glimpses of kindness, of care and of generosity, [and] touches of humour... I was completely and absolutely hooked.

An excellent whodunnit hardboiled, a noir novel with a solitary, disillusioned but tempting detective, a historical and social context interesting (of post-Pol Pot Cambodia), and a very thorough psychology of the characters.
La culture se partage

Moore is an idealist and a lone warrior who doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty.... Those who have travelled to Southeast Asia will be captivated by his ability to recreate the atmosphere.
—Le Parisien

Much more than a thriller, Zero hours in Phnom Penh is a fresco of Cambodia and its people, their despair, their hopes, their fears, their lives. And that's what makes this book a single work, much deeper than what can be expected to beginning reading.

“The story is fast-paced and entertaining. Even outside of his Bangkok comfort zone, Moore shows he is one of the best chroniclers of the expat diaspora.”
—The Daily Yomiuri

“Zero Hour in Phnom Penh is political, courageous and perhaps [Moore’s] most important work. Moore is a brilliant storyteller and a masterful character inventor.”

“Zero Hour in Phnom Penh is a brilliant detective story that portrays—with no illusion—Cambodia’s adventurous transition from genocide and civil war to a free-market economy and democratic normality. Zero Hour in Phnom Penh is a rare stroke of luck and a work of art, from which one can always draw more stories and levels of meaning. . . . an all too human, timeless, historical and philosophical novel.”
—Deutsche Well Buchtipp, Bonn

“A thriller in which the importance of the single crime shrinks visibly at the sight of mass murder and grand corruption.”
—Thomas Klingenmaier, Stuttgarter Zeitung

“It was ten years ago in Cambodia, but this great novel sits well after Kandahar, Luanda, Kabul, Baghdad and other places where the brutality of war destroys the souls of humanity.”
—KulturNews, Hamburg

“[In Zero Hour in Phnom Penh] one experiences an impressive novel and discovers lives in a country—keyword ‘Pol Pot—that has a long history of genocide behind it. A novel of sad intelligence and intelligent sadness”
—Thomas Widmer, Facts Zürich

“Moore is an accurate storyteller and a sensitive observer. He bares the colonial attitude of the foreigners and soberly describes the survival strategies of the young women—imparting a great amount of information and a valuable insight.”
—Marianne de Mestral, P.S. Magazin, Zürich

“The novel is more than a crime fiction. It is a believable attempt to describe a society at the crossroad. Moore’s portrayal of the omnipresent prostitution in Cambodia goes under the skin. Nothing is glossed over.”
—Christian Ruf, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

“Zero Hour in Phnom Penh is a bursting, high adventure . . . extremely gripping . . . a morality portrait with no illusion.”
—Ulrich Noller, Westdeutscher Rundfunk

“A well written, exciting, but not simplistic thriller. The description of Cambodia at the end of the Pol Pot terror regime (approximately 1993) is convincing. High tension amidst violent backdrop. Recommended. ”
—Ute Ulrike Fauth, EKZ Buchbesprechungen Reutlingen

“Moore’s crime fiction is a multi-layered and disillusioning picture of the Cambodian society and the UNTAC soldiers: the reality behind the headlines.”
—Inge Wünnenberg, General-Anzeiger, Bonn

“Like other Calvino novels, Zero Hour in Phnom Penh captures the tropical sultriness that often sucks away the breaths of West Germans in Southeast Asia. Heat, noise and stench almost emanate from the book.. Moore heats up the climate even further with his portrayals of raw power, cheap sex, wretchedness from drugs and human contempt. It can be stomach-turning for the delicate of the hearts.”
—Sönke Boldt, Badische Neueste Nachrichten Karlsruhe

“Moore writes to entertain, and that he does.”
—Bangkok Post

Comfort Zone

Heaven Lake Press ed. (2001) 277 pp.
White Lotus (1995) 315 pp.

“Moore hits home with more of everything in Comfort Zone. There is a balanced mix of story-line, narrative, wisdom, knowledge as well as love, sex, and murder.”
—Thailand Times

“In a murder mystery with a plot that is better executed than any Central Intelligence Agency black bag operation, the Bangkok expatriate crowd have moved to boomtown Saigon. Like a Japanese gardener who captures the land and the sky and recreates it in the backyard, Moore’s genius is in portraying the Southeast Asian heartscape behind the tourist industry hotel gloss.”
—The Daily Yomiuri

“Comfort Zone is a good read—an up-to-date 90s feel.”
—Accent Thai

“In Comfort Zone, our Bangkok-based P.I. is hired to go to Vietnam to find the killer of a young American lawyer. He digs, discovering layers of intrigue. He’s stalked by hired killers and falls in love with a Hanoi girl. Can he trust her? The reader is hooked.”
—NTUC Lifestyle (Singapore)

The Big Weird

Heaven Lake Press, mass paperback (2008) 345 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (2000) 277 pp.
bookSiam (1996) 320 pp.

“In Chandler’s noir world there was always the hope of redemption for at least some of the characters, but in Moore’s Big Town the people have given up hope. They’ve succumbed to The Sickness… A terrific novel, highly recommended.”
John M Whalen

“The Big Weird is an excellent read, charming, amusing, insightful, complex, localised yet startlingly universal in its themes.”
—Guide of Bangkok

“A good read, fast-paced and laced with so many of the locales so familiar to the expat denizens of Bangkok.”
—Art of Living (Thailand)

“Like a noisy, late-night Thai restaurant, Moore serves up tongue-burming spices that swallow up the literature of Generation X and Cyberpsace as if they were merely sticky rice.”
—The Daily Yomiuri

“Whether you are a local, resident or a tourist, there are golden nuggets to be found in The Big Weird.”
—Bangkok Post Sunday Magazine

“Highly entertaining.”
—Bangkok Post

“The Big Weird exemplifies a writer who is in control of his material. [It]demonstrates that at last we have an author who understands the abyss between the dreams and aspirations of westerners hoping for a new life in an Asian land and the often-harsh reality that they find.”
—Professor Paul Wilson, Criminologist and Dean, Humanities and Social Science, Bond University

Cold Hit

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 342 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (1999) 330 pp.

“The story is plausible and riveting to the end.”
—The Japan Times

“Tight, intricate plotting, wickedly astute . . . Cold Hit will have you variously gasping, chuckling, nodding, tut-tutting, oh-yesing, and grinding your teeth throughout its 330 pages.”
—Guide of Bangkok

“The plot is equally tricky, brilliantly devised, and clear.
One of the best crime fiction in the first half of the year”
—Ultimo Biedlefeld

“[Cold Hit] is no standard thriller, but a suspense literature full of original metaphors.”
—Saarbrücker Zeitung

“City jungle, sex, drugs, power, but also good-hearted people: a complete crime.”
—Zwanzig Minuten Zürich

“A colourful piece, rich in action, of detective literature.”

“Calvino is a wonderful private detective figure! Consistent action, masterful language . . .and Anglo-Saxon humour at its best.”
—Lutz Bunk, DeutschlandRadio, Berlin

“Moore depicts the city from below. He shows its dirt, its inner conflicts, its cruelty, its devotion. Hard, cruel, comical and good. ”

“What is outstanding in the works of Christopher G. Moore is his in depth comprehension of what psychiatrist Carl Jung labeled the collective unconscious, as it applies to Thai motivation, thinking and action. Moore understands the Thais better than many understand themselves.”
—Bangkok Post

“Cold Hit definitely is one of those books you will not want to put down.”
—Pattaya Mail

Minor Wife

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 272 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (2002) 295 pp.

“What distinguishes Christopher G. Moore from other foreign authors setting their stories in the Land of Smiles is how much more he understands its mystique, the psyche of its populace and the futility of its round residents trying to fit into its square holes.”
—Bangkok Post

“Moore pursues in even greater detail in Minor Wife the changing social roles of Thai women (changing, but not always quickly or for the better) and their relations among themselves and across class lines and other barriers.”
—Vancouver Sun

“Moore’s attention to detail and 3-D characterization make Minor Wife
much more than just another crime novel.”
—Farang Magazine (Thailand)

“The thriller moves in those convoluted circles within which Thai life and society takes place. Moore’s knowledge of these gives insights into many aspects of the cultural mores. Many of these are unknown to the expat population, most of whom spend their time living in blissful ignorance of the Thai dark underbelly. . . . Great writing, great story and a great read. Get it, you will not be disappointed.”
—Pattaya Mail


Pattaya 24/7

Heaven Lake Press, mass paperback (2008) 351 pp.
Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2004) 305 pp.

“Calvino does it again...well-developed characters and the pace keeps you reading well after you should have turned out the light.”
—Farang Magazine (Thailand)

“Intelligent and articulate, Moore offers a rich, passionate and original take on the private eye game, fans of the genre should definitely investigate, and fans of foreign intrigue will definitely enjoy.”
—Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

“The best in the Calvino series . . . The story is compelling.”
—Bangkok Post

“Pattaya 24/7 is one of best in the Calvino series—original, provocative, and rich with details and insights into the underworld of Thai police, provincial gangsters, hit squads, and terrorists.”
—Pieke Bierman, award-wining author of Violetta

“A cast of memorably eccentric figures in an exotic Southeast Asian backdrop”
—The Japan Times

“Pattaya 24/7 is a compelling, atmospheric and multi-layered murder investigation set in modern-day Thailand. The detective, Calvino, is a complex and engaging hero.”
—Garry Disher, award-winning author of The Wyatt Novels

“Pattaya 24/7 pulls the reader through a landmine of traumatic moods—anxiety, greed and fear.”
—The Nation

“Moore’s literary talents are obvious. This book is deeper than the well one of the characters was fished out of.”
—Pattaya Mail

“The colourful gallery of secondary characters in Pattaya 24/7 is a distinctive feature that increases the reader’s interest. We enjoy the spicy taste of hard-boiled fiction reinvented in an exotic but realistic place—in fact, not realistic, but real!.”
—Thriller Magazine (Italy)


The Risk of Infidelity Index

Atlantic Books, trade paperback (2008) 336 pp.
Atlantic Monthly Press, hardback (2008) 318 pp.
Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2007) 324 pp.

Read this novel. Like the Thai world, it has constructed a sophisticated structure, which delivers great intellectual and emotional pleasure with insight into the death and survival of farangs in Thailand.
Arte, Tobias Gohlis

"The Infidelity Index" is complex, rich, cynical and brutal in a fascinating way - sort of a "dirty win". But what is true for a private investigation is also true for a thriller. Fantastic "hard boiled" adventure.
1 Live

“Fast paced, violent tale of high-level corruption set against the heat of Bangkok.”
—Conventry Telegraph

“Moore's flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“Flashy private-eye mystery.”
—The New York Times

“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok. A hard-boiled, street-smart, often hilarious pursuit of a double murderer.”
—The San Francisco Chronicle

“Humorous and intelligent ... a great introduction to the seamy side of Bangkok.”
—Carla Mckay, The Daily Mail

“The real star of the book is Bangkok.”
—Susanna Yager, The Daily Telegraph

“Can Moore write and is he worth reading? On the evidence of [The Risk of Infidelity Index], the answers are unequivocally yes.”
—Peter Whittaker, Tribune Magazine (UK)

“The book’s loving evocation of the Thai atmosphere adds a glorious new locale to the detective genre’s geography, rendered with a master’s hand.”
—Jim Feast, Evergreen Review

“Christopher G. Moore has long been a big name in crime for his Vincent Calvino books, based on the exploits of an American private eye in Thailand's seedy underbelly.”
—Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent

“There's plenty of violent action ... memorable low-life characters ... the real star of the book is Bangkok.”
—Telegraph (London)

“The Risk of Infidelity Index is taut, spooky, intelligent, and beautifully written. Vincent Calvino is a terrific character who could only have been drafted into action by a terrific writer.”
—T. Jefferson Parker, author of L.A. Outlaws

“Grim, violent, and saturated in details of Bangkok’s underworld.”
—The Boston Globe

“The Risk of Infidelity Index is a complex, violent, and high readable thriller.”
—One80 News (UK)

“The faint whiff of misogyny/xenophobia one senses is just part of Moore's pitch-perfect Bangkok, from its churning after-hours melee of insistent yings to its hard-drinking farangs (foreigners), to the scary duplicity behind the ever-present Thai smile.”
—P.G. KOCH, Houston Chronicle

“A complex, intelligent novel.”
—Publishers’ Weekly

“The darkly raffish Bangkok milieu is a treat.”
—Kirkus Review

“Chris Moore's series of private-eye tales set in the full mysterious splendor of bubbling Bangkok, Thailand, remind us anew of how much meaning we miss out on when we don't worship true artists. Underneath Bangkok society is a deeply encrusted demiworld of hope, despair, corruption and courage that Moore, who has lived there for almost 20 years, paints with maestrolike Dickensian strokes.”
—Thomas Plate, The Seattle Times

“Moore not only has written a chilling and fast-paced mystery, but the author also provides an honest description of the local landscape and social underworld of Bangkok, as Calvino and his friend Colonel Pratt desperately try to solve the mysteries before they are permanently retired by the powers that be in government and in the gangs.”
—Paul Anik, I Love a Mystery

“The Risk of Infidelity Index [is] festooned with memorable characters and a solid plot. Moore probes the country's dark side to new depths.... ‘Infidelity’ stays focused on crime and detection, in a tightly written narrative ... a satisfying read.”
—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“A crime thriller as fine as any in this series … a compelling, page turner…”
— Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya People Weekly

“Exciting, enthralling and entertaining writing.”
—Pattaya Mail

“This book shows that Chris Moore is at the top of his form.”
—Bangkok Post


Paying Back Jack

Grove Press, trade paperback (2009, 2010)
Atlantic Books, trade paperback (2009)
Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2008) 332 pp.

All the ingredients are in place – eccentric characters (Bangkok one of them), a multi-stranded plot, blood-splattering action, and sparks of genre-bending originality all fly off the page."
Bangkok 101

Moore’s depiction of Thai life is gritty, colorful and thoughtful. He ranges from the sex trade to politics to the careful and lavish preparations for an upper-class wedding, while never losing track of his fast-paced, hard-boiled story."
—Lynn Harnett, MostFiction Book Review

Hard-boiled mystery laced with humor.... A pulse-pounding tale of human trafficking, mercenaries, international conspiracies and revenge... made more real because they are set against the lovely and sordid streets of Bangkok."
—"In the Know" at WCVPL (Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library, Mississippi)

A rich panorama of east meets west. This time round Calvino is drawn into the murky world of private prisons, political assassination and UN officialdom.... Whether you try it for the exotic setting, the hard-boiled hero or the intrigue and action, you won't be disappointed. And you'll be back for more!."
—Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz

Moore's depiction of Thai life is gritty, colorful and thoughtful. He ranges from the sex trade to politics to the careful and lavish preparations for an upper-class wedding, while never losing track of his fast-paced, hard-boiled story."
Portsmouth Herald

The plots are complex, as are the characters, and Moore is a writer who insists on his reader. Inevitably, the most impressive character of all is Bangkok itself, which the author brings wonderfully to life."
Morning Star (UK)

Crisp, atmostpheric. . . . Calvino's cynical humour oils the wheels nicely, while the cubist plotting keeps us guessing."
The Guardian

Plenty of action sequences ... fascinating reading . . . Moore obviously brings his own experiences of years of living in Bangkok to the story. His love and understanding of Thai sentiments and protocol come across on every page, making the stories even more rich and fulfilling.”
—Christine Zibas,

Paying Jack Back is the best Calvino yet. . . . There are many wheels within wheels turning in this excellent thriller. . . . It's about time everyone discovered Bangkok PI Vincent Calvino."
—Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

The powerful, resonant and nuanced voice of Christopher G. Moore introduced German readers to his private investigator Calvino’s Thailand in a unique way.”
—Susanna Mende, Titel Magazine

Paying Back Jack is so tightly woven and entertaining it is hopeless to try to put it down. Not only was it new and fresh, but I feel like I have taken a trip to the underbelly of Thailand. It is impossible not to love this book"
—Carolyn Lanier, I Love a Mystery

Moore clearly has no fear that his gloriously corrupt Bangkok will ever run dry."
—Kirkus Review

A vivid sense of place...the city of Bangkok, with its chaos and mystery, is almost another character. Recommended."
Library Journal

This series belongs on every Asian crime list."

Moore reveals the seething stew of wealth, corruption, cultural clashes, poverty and lust that is modern Bangkok. . .all will appreciate the raw passion that drives the action.
Publishers Weekly

“[Paying Back Jack] might be Moore's finest novel yet. A gripping tale of human trafficking, mercenaries, missing interrogation videos, international conspiracies, and revenge, all set against the lovely and sordid backstreets of Bangkok that Moore knows better than anyone.”
—Barry Eisler, author of Fault Line

Moore creates a cast of vibrant characters worth of the best Elmore Leonard caper for this hard-edged, stylish mystery.... His VIncent Calvino is at once in the finest tradition of the lone private detective and a complete original.
—Matt Beynon Rees, author of "The Samaritan's Secret"

A lot of the evil that exists in Bangkok lays buried beneath the duel headstones of 'culture' and 'tradition'. In Paying Back Jack, Moore isn't afraid to dig the dirt. He knows the system, he knows the city, and he paints it beautifully.
Colin Cotterill, "The Merry Misogynist"

Moore has the intellectual and emotional ability to perceive what is in the hearts and minds of the Thai populace. Not least, he grasps the nuances of language. . . . I dare say a screen adaptation of at least one of the Calvino books isn’t far off.
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

Christopher G. Moore is an exceptional writer. . . . The way the different characters, which seem unrelated to each other, are finally brought together is superb literary craftsmanship. Paying Back Jack is a tale which will have you snarling at the intrusion of a telephone. . . . Get this book.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

Every big city has its fictional detective; and Bangkok's is Vincent Calvino.
—Bangkok 101

Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok..”
—San Francisco Chronicle

It's easy to see why Moore's books are popular: While seasoned with a spicy mixture of humor and realism, they stand out as model studies in East-West encounters, as satisfying for their cultural insights as they are for their hard-boiled action.
—The Japan Times


The Corruptionist

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2010) 466 pp.

Entertaining and devilishly informative.
Tom Plate, Pacific Perspective

Moore's understanding of the dynamics of Thai society has always impressed, but considering current events, the timing of his latest [The Corruptionist] is absolutely amazing.
Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“An achievement ... interpreting modern, fast changing Thailand with its violent political power struggles.... [T]he levels and depths of observation and insight reach an epic nature in [The Corruptionist]....The new characters are stunning.... The ending is superb.”
—Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader

“Very believable ... A brave book ... Another riveting read from Christopher G. Moore and one you should not miss.”
—Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

“Politics ... has a role in the series, more so now than earlier. What with corruption during elections and coups afterwards,the denizens watch with bemusement the unlikelihood of those in office serving their terms. Moore captures this in his books. Thought-provoking columnists don't do it better.... Moore is putting Thailand on the map”
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post


9 Gold Bullets

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2011) 365 pp.

Moore consistently manages to entertain without having to resort to melodramatics. The most compelling feature of his ongoing Calvino saga, in my view, is the symbiotic relationship between the American protagonist and his Thai friends, who have evolved with the series. The friendships are sometimes strained along cultural stress lines, but they endure, and the Thai characters' supporting roles are very effective in helping keep the narratives interesting and plausible.
Japan Times

Vinny does it again!.
Bangkok Post

Moore is a master at leading the reader on to what 'should' be the finale, but then you find it isn't... Worth waiting for... However, do not start reading until you have a few hours to spare.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


Missing In Rangoon

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2013) 335 pp.

This Pratt-Calvino duo is simply unbeatable: their bond and blind faith in one another in confronting the perennial dangers in conflicts with gangsters, businessmen and government officials in cahoots with mafia bosses. Even in the most delicate situations, Pratt always has a beautiful and fitting Shakespearean quote…  And aren’t the bloody feudal feuds of Shakespearean time like Southeast Asian socio-politics—its greedy, pugnacious warlords, clans and factions?
Peter Münder, CuturMag

[Moore's] descriptions of Rangoon are excellent. In particular, he excels at describing the human and social fall-out that occurs when a poor, isolated country suddenly opens its borders to the world.... Missing in Rangoon is a satisfying read, a mixture of hard-boiled crime fiction and acute social observation set in a little known part of Asia.
Andrew Nette, Crime Fiction Lover

One interruption of a brilliant piece of fiction is that if one single paragraph be taken away from the work then the whole story crumbles to dust without making sense. Writing fiction is about taking away what is not required. One must chip chip chip away at a rock to uncover a statue. Missing in Rangoon achieves this. The balance of dialogue, description, and action is perfect.
James Newman

An entertaining and enjoyable sojourn into complex terrain of Rangoon.
Robert Kitchin, View from the Bluehouse

The story is delicious... The plot takes several wonderful twists that keep the reader mesmerized... It’s Moore at his best, and displays his knowledge of how Southeast Asia really works, in terms of unofficial channels... [Missing in Rangoon] has passages with some of the best writing we’ve seen from this prolific novelist.
WoWasis Travelblog

Missing in Rangoon is another feather in Moore's cap.
Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

Moore is a masterful story teller ... [Missing in Rangoon] is excellent.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

The Marriage Tree

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2014) 429 pp.

[The Marriage Tree] will keep the reader up at night, though, as the action is fast-paced and full of enough twists to foment insomnia. For readers who loved Missing in Rangoon, this follow-on book provides something of a final resolution.

The plight of the Rohingya refugees has been documented many times, but never dramatised like this.... [W]hen a novelist brings his powers of description and sense of empathy to bear on such a subject, the wholehearted tragedy of these crimes against humanity hits home in a powerful way. The opening is riveting ... The plotting is taut and the pacing sharp.
—Jim Algie, The Nation

The Marriage Tree is a top tier crime novel set in a top tier city, Bangkok, to be enjoyed by crime fiction readers everywhere.
—Kevin Cummings, Chiang Mai City News

For those who have 'met' Vinny before, you will know what to expect - a fast, racy and very believable plot with excellent dialogue and several twists in the tail and set in the Bangkok we all know, with many recognizable landmarks.
—Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail



Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2015) 406 pp.

Crackdown is a superb novel and a wonderful read.
The Life Style Detective

This carefully crafted politically-aware crime novel ... set in Bangkok during post-coup military rule ... is a book of symbols. [Crackdown] is a book of dusty maps and edgy political graffiti. A book of warnings, predictions; a well plotted social document.
—James Newman, Author of the Joe Dylan Private Investigator Noir Crime Series

Christopher G. Moore’s freewheeling intelligence roams over the manifold aspects of modern life, from the 2014 coup to high-tech crime surveillance, map-making, and radical street art. The sum total infuses his latest novel, Crackdown, with a richer palette of colors than the endless black and grainy bleakness of so many other noir tales.
—Jim Algie, Bangkok 101

One reason that the Vinnie Calvino series is so popular is that the characters are described in such detail that the reader can almost ‘see’ them, and then by placing these characters in real life places ... it all adds to the realism. After all the previous Calvino novels I have read, I can visualize Calvino, scars and all. He is a PI who bleeds, physically and emotionally.
Pattaya Mail



Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback (2016) 362 pp.

Jumpers is in large part a meditation on life and death and the tenuousness of affection among family and friends… In its refinement and pensiveness, and with its masterful fly-on-the-wall dialogue, the novel owes more to Joseph Conrad than the likes of Mickey Spillane or Dashiell Hammett… [I]n place of the caustic language and car-chase haste so often found in crime fiction, there is nobility to the writing that makes this book a loftier pleasure to read, a dignity arising from contemplation and lingering appreciative gazes at the aesthetics of each setting… [T]here’s a great deal of heart and heartfelt writing, and confidence that the human spirit will always prevail.
Paul Dorsey, The Nation (Thailand) 

Moore excels once again at deciphering the culture clash we call Bangkok... Jumpers takes you on a personal and cultural journey. It leaves you with as many questions as answers but that is quite alright with me.
—Kevin Cummings, CulturMag 



Literary Fiction

His Lordship’s Arsenal

Subway Books, paperback (2003) 213 pp.
Heaven Lake Press, paperback (1999) 213 pp.
Critic's Choice, paperback (1988) 227 pp.
Freundlich Books, hardback (1985) 227 pp.

“Unique...a probing psychological study of man’s search for identity...genuinely fascinating.”

“Moore is without doubt a real writer and one to watch.”
—Publisher's Weekly

“This is a complex, moody, rewarding novel.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“One at a time Burlock brings out transparent pictures of his life; then, appallingly, he twists them around, changes the order. When he is done we know more of the impermanence of vision and the changeable rules of life...imaginative.”
—Library Journal

“Moore is a marvellous and inventive writer who is able to combine literary merit with good old genre fiction. This is a unique and beautifully written book.”
—Georgia Straight


Tokyo Joe

Heaven Lake Press, trade paper back ed. (2004) 337 pp.
White Lotus (1990) 288 pp. (under title: ENEMIES OF MEMORY)

“The best book on the 731-Corps I’ve read.”
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

“Moore has constructed what is becoming increasingly rare: a novel that combines meaningful ideas with deep emotion, a novel in which social, political and personal themes all intermingle . . . and it can only be hoped that the novel will achieve the international recognition it deserves.”
—The Daily Yomiuri

“Moore is also a playwright and this shines through in his fiercely dramatic prose reminiscent of Samuel Beckett’s style.”
—The Nation

“Insight into the underbellies of Japan and the USA… incredibly intriguing…a book to savour, like a good port after dinner. Most enjoyable.”
—Chiang Mai Mail


Red Sky Falling

Heaven Lake Press, trade paper back ed. (2005) 261 pp.
Asia Books (1994) 302 pp. (under title: SAINT ANNE)

“Red Sky Falling is an amazingly deep novel.”
—Pattaya Mail

“Moore’s insights into the human comedy and facility in writing prose hold our interest from first page to last.”
—Bangkok Post

“[Red Sky Falling] is a rich and deftly woven tale which looks at the microcosmof individual lives while simultaneously addressing the larger social, political and human concerns of this century . . . a tapestryof experience—highly comic, ironic and profound on so many levels.”
—Guide of Bangkok

“A truly high quality piece of literature.”
—Thailand Times


God of Darkness

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 320 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (1998), reprinted (1999) 320 pp.

Aside from writing some very good crime novels, Christopher G. Moore shows some real insight into interpersonal relationships, power, family, loyalty and, strangely, the disciplined schedule of a masturbating monkey. It's astounding that this is one of his very early works. He only gets better over time.
—Dharma Bum (Amazon reviewer)

“Moore has written a wonderful time capsule of this roller coaster, crash and burn period [of 1997 economic crisis in Thailand]. If [you] want to know what goes on behind those high walls in those expensive Bangkok neighborhoods while getting a good thriller of a ride then read GOD OF DARKNESS.”
—Kevin Cummings, Chiang Mai City News

“The stories of other writers—locals and expats—maybe likened to sketches or drawings, while those of Christopher G. Moore are paintings or murals. In his dozen novels to date he not only describes the Realm, but interprets it.”
—Bangkok Post



Heaven Lake Press (2000), 330 pp.

“An entertaining and insightful book”
—The Nation

“Moore is never very far away from a much older tradition—the one that seems to say, ‘Come inside, stranger, and put your boots up on the fender of the stove and let me tell you a tale.’”
—Ottawa Citizen

“Chairs is well-written and interesting, and shows a side of a city that most will never see, but will find in these pages a powerful and insightful, even Hemingwayesque, clarity.”
—Edmonton Journal

“Chairs is outstanding.”
—Guide of Bangkok

“To his credit, Christopher G. Moore has the sharpest eyes and most discerning mind on these shores, his being an expat notwithstanding. Indeed, a good many locals are unaware of the levels and degrees of subterfuge enmeshing them. To paraphrase Graham Greene, in another context, Moore is our man in Bangkok.”
—Bangkok Post

“Another excellent feature in this book is that although the short narratives are all “stand alone” pieces, they are also inter-related and impinge on each other in unsuspected ways. Moore is much more than just a wordsmith, he is a literary craftsman.”
—Pattaya Mail

“Chairs is rooted in the ancient traditions of storytelling as well as in the new ones of metafiction.”
—The New Brunswick Reader

“Moore manages to treat the stories with enough panche that we don’t feel
that we are outside looking in—you’re already in.”
—Is Magazine (Singapore)


Waiting for the Lady

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2005) 319 pp.
Subway Press, hardback (2004)
Heaven Lake Press, hardback ed. (2003), 342 pp.

“If you have an affection for the Southeast Asian region and enjoy a good novel, especially a novel that really brings the characters to life, then I highly recommend ''Waiting for the lady'', in fact I highly recommend it to anyone.”
Trevor Bide, reviewer

“Compelling story lines . . . that come together in a gripping climax.”

“Ambitious and sadly beautiful book.”
—January Magazine

“Amusing and illuminating . . . a narrative whose authenticity is never in doubt, where global historical realities are seamlessly knit together with a strong, unpretentious yarn.”
—Books in Canada

“In addition to creating a convincing, entertaining narrator, Sloan, and a story that engages the past and its images on several levels, Moore crafts a tragic Myanmar landscape, mixing in-depth knowledge of the place and its history with a compelling tale populated with characters anyone would be glad to have as travel companions.”
—Asia Times (Online)

“A charged atmosphere reminiscent of Peter Weir’s The Year of Living Dangerously”
—Vancouver Sun

“The powerful sentiments stirred in [Waiting for the Lady] affirm that Asia still boasts places where people's emotions are not swaddled in cotton.”
—The Japan Times

“Moore’s knowledge of the region and his ability to convey it is best about Waiting for the Lady.”
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

“Christopher G. Moore is an author who can conjure up a plausible story to keep you reading his books till the last page. Waiting for the Lady is no exception to this. A great read.”
—Reid Lang, Pattaya Mail


Gambling on Magic

Heaven Lake Press (2005) Deluxe Edition 320 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (2005) Trade Paperback Edition 320 pp.

Set in the steamy, erotic underworld of Bangkok, Gambling On Magic is a thinking person’s thriller and a brilliant literary portrait of contemporary life inside Southeast Asia’s most famous city. The rogue's gallery of whacky, wonderful, and original characters will stick with you long after you finish this page-turner.
Paul Bishop, author of Penalty Shot

“Moore’s most mature work.
—The Bangkok Post

“[Moore’s] attention to detail that gives his writing the believable immediacy, which in turn keeps you turning pages. And turn pages you will. This is another of those books that will hold your attention right to the last page. An excellent read.
—Pattaya Mail

“Moore is a religious student of human nature and it shows.”
—Thai Day

“Original, contemporary and extremely inventive.”
—Hua Hin Observer

“A complex novel ... The [characters] are well developed. The setting ... is carefully shaped. The information about gambling rings true, as does the portrayal of the city of Bangkok and the community that surrounds the story ... Well worth reading.”
—Alex McGilvery, Armchair Interviews


The Wisdom of Beer

Heaven Lake Press (2012) Paperback Edition 310 pp.

All combine in this entertaining new release from Christopher G Moore.
Crime Fiction Lover

The plot revolves around a septuagenarian Thai lady and a macaw, the recipe for Chinese Hell Beer, an American beer bar owner, the Russian mafia, the local Chinese godfather and son and the American Marines on the Cobra Gold exercises. Keeping the plot moving along is a Moscow hooker with ambition. And there is plenty happening.

Christopher Moore is an excellent story teller. [He] keeps your interest going all the way through. The plot has many twists and turns, and Moore manages to keep more than three balls in the air at one time.... Anyone who knows Pattaya will finally put the book down with a large smile on their face, if not a real guffaw.
—Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

The Wisdom of Beer is a hilarious portrait of a Thai Chinese family struggling with both its history and its future as their attempts to exploit a priceless family secret intersect with the paths of a Russian arms trafficker.
—John Burdett

The Wisdom of Beer is a uniquely hilarious romp from the pen of one of Thailand’s top story tellers.
—Colin Cotterill


The Land of Smile Trilogy

A Killing Smile

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 335 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (2000) 269 pp.
Special Limited Edition (1997) 319 pp.
bookSiam (1992, 1996) 319 pp.
White Lotus (1991) 315pp.

[A Killing Smile] set the standard of an artistic movement: Bangkok Noir ... Brilliant observations on the Bangkok nightlife ... A creative triumph.
—James Newman Fiction

“The whole effect is very real— particularly the revelation of those razor teeth back of the Smile.”
—Gore Vidal

“Moore is a master of detail . . . a pioneer, daring and inventive.”
—The Nation

“I was knocked out by the sensitivity of the writing, the textures of the characters, the many levels of feeling. The outcome is one of the finest male bonding stories I have ever come across and I kick myself that I didn’t write this novel.”
—Stirling Silliphant, Oscar winner for In the Heat of the Night

“The portrait of Tuttle as an expatriate shipwrecked in an alien tropic brings to mind Theroux's Jack Flowers.”
—The Japan Times

“In A Killing Smile Moore succeeds in translating for a Western audience the inside of how Thais think. Above all he describes with an objective, non-judgemental eye the raw pathos, the light and shadow of the world that never surfaces in the glossy tourist catalogues.”
—Fabio Novel, Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“Critically regarded as the best Western author today whose books focus on this country (e.g., A Killing Smile).”
—Bangkok Post

A Bewitching Smile

Heaven Lake Press (2000) 295 pp.
White Lotus (1992) 347 pp.

“Moore’s novels are breaking new ground in fictional writing about Thailand. . . .
He writes with gentle humour and a sensitive understanding of what it is to be lost.”
—The Nation

A Haunting Smile

Heaven Lake Press, trade paperback ed. (2004) 320 pp.
Heaven Lake Press (1999) 320 pp.
White Lotus (1993) 349 pp.

“Courageous . . . someone to watch.”
—Peter Carey

“A Haunting Smile is disturbing. Moore jars the senses with discordant juxtapositions of his now familiar HQ, an all-night coffee shop where stereotypical ‘hardcore’ (read ‘cured of romance’) farang hang out, indulging in a never-ending cycle of alcohol and sex, with the shattering events of Rachadamnoen Avenue, and what! Virtual reality?”
—Bangkok Post



The Orwell Brigade

Heaven Lake Press (2012) 180 pp.

[T]he essays are linked by echoes of George Orwell's seminal political novels "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty-four". As the writers demonstrate, precious little has changed since those literary warnings appeared half a century ago. In fact we need to me more vigilant than ever in the endlessly cross-linked 21st century.
The Nation

In a digital age when attenuated attention spans have pretty much killed off the long-form essay outside of academia, and when corporate interests and Big Brother-like governments have stymied investigative journalism, George Orwell’s belief in truthful writing as a revolutionary act is in danger of being written off. Do not start typing the obituary just yet, for The Orwell Brigade is an anthology of thought-evoking essays by contemporary crime authors reclaiming his turf.
—Jim Algie, PATA COMPASS January/February 2013


Phnom Penh Noir

Heaven Lake Press (2012) 400 pp.

Regardless of what you know of the Khmer Rouge era and the dark side of life in Cambodia, the anthology makes not only an excellent literary journey, but also an important historical document of how a bygone era is remembered by people who have witnessed, in some cases first hand, or have lived during the time of the Khmer Rouge genocide.
Voicu Mihnea Simandan

[R]ealistic details about the city, Cambodia, and Khmer culture in general.
Patrick McCoy, Lost in Translation

You will appreciate each short story and the dark side of Cambodia’s Phnom Penh... As an anthology it [deserves] to be on your bookshelf.
Lang Reid, Chiang Mai Mail


Bangkok Noir

Heaven Lake Press (2011) 289 pp.

This first ever noir anthology of Bangkok is a powerful collection of crime fiction short stories that portray the dark side of the Asian metropolis, which natives call Krung Thep or City of Angels, inspite of the fact that most of them lead lives as far from heaven as it gets.

If you enjoy thrillers, especially ‘noir’ thrillers, this is the book for you. A dozen of the best authors of the genre all in one book.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

The stories, about crooks, cops, gangsters, hit-men, bar girls, shaman and street vendors, show the underbelly of Bangkok. It isn't pretty, but as the first of its kind, Bangkok Noir is a good read.
Bangkok Post

Bangkok Noir, with its twelve short stories, makes up a brief but exciting read. The anthology is part of a more and more distinct Bangkok noir movement that brings to the surface the darker sides of this city, exposing all its ugliness, hardships, and injustices that the powers-to-be would like kept at bay, right where they are: in the dark.
—Review by Voicu Mihnea Simandan



The Age of Dis-consent

Heaven Lake Press (2015) 328 pp.

In The Age of Dis-consent … you glimpse the sort of raw materials and research that inform Moore’s novels… Moore shares his obsession with power: who wields it and who is struck dumb or dead by it. These quintessential questions of our time are treated in more intellectual and literary fashion in [this] collection of essays.
—Jim Algie, Bangkok 101

This delectable potpourri of essays uncommonly fuses Thai politics and society with literary strands and broader reflections on crime, culture and violence. Readers will find the book accessible in parts or as a whole, as it traverses a rare and eclectic range of genres.
—Thitinan Pongsudhirak, leading political analyst and professor at Chulalongkorn University

At one level, Moore’s book is a sober guide through the labyrinth of madness that is present-day Thailand. At a deeper level, it is an intelligent deconstruction of the world’s nameless chaos through a close reading of culture, law, crime, digital revolution, and other invisible forces in whose grip we have no choice but to endure.
—Kong Rithee, prominent political columnist

There are many people out there beating a drum with no shortage of followers. Christopher G. Moore deciphers the beats of those drums as well as anyone and makes readers realize the tune is more complicated than mere vibrations. There are more than enough reasons to add The Age of Dis-Consent to your reading list and bookshelf. To steal a line from both Lucian and Christopher found in the final chapter, I had a lovely time reading it and readers who enjoy thought provoking essays will too.
—Kevin Cummings, People's Things Literature

What becomes very obvious in these essays is the fact the Moore is far more than just a good story teller. He is a thinker who is able to transfer his thoughts into the written word.
—Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


Fear and Loathing in Bangkok

Heaven Lake Press (2014) 357 pp.

A must read for anyone planning to visit Bangkok, or for those living there already.
Bangkok's Best

I find the essays either make me think, have me nodding in full agreement or just totally entertained. To be quite honest it’s often all three of these things. Crime and superb muses and ideas.
The Life Design Detective

I can't remember, when exactly, I got hooked on the essays of novelist, Christopher G. Moore but it has been a good long time ago. He has at least two other books of essays previously published: The Cultural Detective and Faking it in Bangkok. Of those two, The Cultural Detective was the one I enjoyed most. But this one is now my favorite because Moore, like Voranai Vanijaka of The Bangkok Post seems to get better and better over time.
—Jai Roon (Amazon reviewer)

This not a typical Bangkok mystery story, in fact it is not a story but instead a collection of brilliant insights and observations made by someone who has lived and breathed the day-to-day in this city and culture. Excellent must read.
—C. Principe (Amazon reviewer)

I have read a number of Christopher G. Moore's books and have enjoyed all of them, especially the Smile series. This book is a different kind of read. Unlike the Smile series which the reader eagerly devours, this one must be sipped, read slowly so that one can digest what has been said. This book forces the reader to re-evaluate what they believe or have been taught to believe. This book is not for a mindless drone, or maybe it is if the drone wishes to no longer be a drone..
—tinman (Amazon reviewer)


Faking It In Bangkok

Heaven Lake Press (2012) 278 pp.

This is a warehouse of compelling info related with wry humour and relayed in sleek prose, as Moore has a knack for mixing highbrow musings and quotes from Noam Chomsky with gritty details about the low lives of local hitmen.
—PATA Compass (July/August 2012)

Christopher Moore speaks with the authority of one who has been there and seen it.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

Moore is a keen observer of ''Thai-ness''. His insights are offered in an entertaining and cheeky manner, but without the usual condescension typical in the works of many outside observers.... The truths he reveals are at times comical, endearing and cringe-worthy, but they all show a side of Thai society worth examining.... He shows a love and appreciation for a society that has its flaws and virtues.
Voranai Vanijka, political and social commentator, Bangkok Post


The Cultural Detective

Heaven Lake Press (2011) 224 pp.

[Moore's] experience and in-depth knowledge of the country really shines through, providing intriguing insights into a vast range of subjects – culture, politics, psychology, crime, history – to name just a few. Moore’s writing style is easily read and hugely entertaining, whilst still being incredibly informative.
Bangkok Best

It is perhaps a judge of excellence that I would pull down one book from the shelves, read it again, and thoroughly enjoy it once more? If so, then The Cultural Detective by Christopher G. Moore (ISBN 978-616-90393-8-9, Heaven Lake Press, 2011) is an excellent book. Not only a good book, but for me, the best book reviewed in 2011.
Pattaya Mail

Heart Talk

Heaven Lake Press, 3rd ed., trade paperback (2006) 384 pp.
Heaven Lake Press, 2nd ed. (1998), reprinted (2000) 225 pp.
White Lotus, 1st ed. (1992) 225 pp.

“The Thai language must have more expressions for the heart than any other tongue. So the third edition of Heart Talk, which has been greatly expanded, will give your Thai Skills a triple bypass. Never again will locals chuckle at your I-am-Tarzan Thai. Now they’ll just giggle like leprechauns on laughing gas at your off-key pronunciation.”
—Untamed Travel, October 2006

“Moore has . . . voyaged deeply into the heart of his adopted country, and this is nowhere more evident in his one nonfiction book, the appropriately titled Heart Talk. A groundbreaking exploration of Thai culture, the volume was inspired by Moore’s realization that the notion of heart, in all its forms, is the central metaphor in the Thai language.”
—Georgia Straight

“The book should prove an invaluable tool for both Thai speakers and students of that language.”
—The Nation

“For anyone who is interested in the Thai language this is a fascinating book.”

“WOW. Not only will this book help you express yourself more in a Thai fashion, it also gives you an interesting glimpse into the Thai psyche.”
— reader’s review

“Thais are never at a loss for an exact heart phrase. However, no Thai/English dictionary covers their full range and subtlety. With its careful descriptions and practical examples, Moore's book comprehensively fills the gap.”

Heart Talk, a book indispensable for discerning Thai concepts and phrases relating the word ‘heart’.”

“If you would like to learn more about the Thai language's rich and varied jai expressions, get yourself a copy of the book Heart Talk by Christopher G. Moore.”


The Vincent Calvino Reader's Guide

Heaven Lake Press, 3rd ed., trade paperback (2010) 164 pp.

“If you want to understand writing a novel there is a useful series of essays, about the creative process, ‘crime literature is more than recording basic elements of criminal activity. There should be a highly developed sense of place. One of the major character’s in the Calvino series is the city of Bangkok.’ On why he writes Moore says, ‘I write because words are a way to light lamps, to throw a pattern of light into the dark sadness of the world.... We light the lamps. We ask others to seek the patterns and draw their meaning.’ ”
—Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader



Latest Releases

Memory ManifestoMemory Manifesto

Memory Manifesto’s 35 short chapters reveal Christopher G. Moore’s personal map of the Cambodia labyrinth. Moore worked as journalist, novelist, and essayist which took him through T-3 prison, Khmer Rouge minefields, border refugee camps in the company of activists, artists, film makers, musicians, writers and unsavory characters. The overall effect is a powerful vision of one writer’s memory shaped by the forces of myth-making, illusions, history and imagination. More>>


Calvino investigates the death of a friend, a Canadian painter. The medical examiner finds the young man has ingested an exit drug, and the police verdict of suicide seems justified. But in Bangkok appearances have a habit of deceiving. Sometimes jumpers are given a leg up in their leap to the next life. Fingering the helper can be a risky business, and for Calvino this promises to be one of those times. More>>


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