Christopher G. Moore Updates: 9 May 2014

Dear Readers,

I’ve written an essay linking Thomas Piketty’s premise in Capital in the 21st Century with the potential of artificial intelligence systems to control both capital and income.

The efforts worldwide to install more underground fiber cables and build more warehouses of servers are a sign of the coming infrastructure is being put in place and that infrastructure will enable a powerful AI to rise.

How we view crime, punishment, morality and our place in the world rest on our ability to control and influence events. There are signs in the near to medium future that this premise may be in for a radical shift. The state and corporate sectors are merging to accomplish a platform for AI. If that is even remotely possible, Piketty’s complains about wealth accumulation by the 1% will be the least of our problems.

You can read my essay here: AI OVERDRIVE AND WE ARE IN THE WAY.

Meanwhile, closer to home, on Wednesday 7th May, the Constitutional Court decided to remove the Prime Minister and nine members of her cabinet for abuse of authority in the removal of a state official. Political events are moving quickly as further judgments from other agencies are expected and tension mounts in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand as the political temperature rises. It is difficult to see how the political impasse will end peacefully. If there is a middle ground it risks becoming a vanishingly small microdot disappearing from sight.



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