Christopher G. Moore Updates: 8 April 2015

Dear Readers,

You may have seen John Oliverís interview on Last Week Tonight with Edward Snowden. If not here is the link: I saw CitizenFour, the Oscar winning documentary about Snowden, the evening before Oliverís show was available. The combination of CitizenFour and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, stirred me to offer a few comments.

You can find my essay titled: An Oscar for Snowdenís Black Mirror here.

Also, I wanted to alert you that the print copy of Crackdown has been delivered. I know that a lot of readers still wish to read the physical book. Ebooks arenít for everyone. That I understand. The books should be in Bangkok bookstore chains within the next week.

If you live outside of Thailand or outside of Bangkok, you can order your copy of Crackdown here:

The Songkran Festival starts in a few days (12th to 15th April). If you are in Thailand, have fun. If you donít like water splashing, stay inside. Otherwise put on old clothes and walk along Sukhumvit Road and youíll get your daily shower. If you are driving, use caution. Every year the road deaths over this holiday are horrific. Most of those deaths are from drunk driving. Donít drink and drive. And if you can avoid driving altogether, that is the best way to increase your odds of staying alive over this holiday.

Reading Crackdown over the Songkran is a good way to stay dry and safe.

Best wishes,


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