Christopher G. Moore Updates: 6 January 2017

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

May the fireflies of reason and hope light the path. May you follow the glow into the mist. May you continue to discuss with each other books, events, and ideas.

We all stumble forward in the darkness. We need to keep the conversation going, because that is the only way forward. As friends and citizens of the planet our destiny is to spread those ideas that give us hope and to challenge those that drag us into unending despair and conflict.

I offer one New Year resolution: treat your foes with respect and dignity.

Even when you feel that they disrespect you and rob you of your dignity.

Because those are the ones who are most in need of your message of respect and acknowledgement they have value, they have worth as human beings. It will be hardest resolution to keep. But we must try.
Justice and love are the two sides of a fair coin. Take away one and you lose the other.

A good way to start 2017 is with a classic Gary Larson Far Side cartoon.

My first blog for 2017 is titled Being Donald Trump. I explore the nature of our mental map-making the implications of that process in every corner of our life.

“Remember the film Being John Malkovich (1999) when Craig played by John Cusack enters a small door behind a filing cabinet and discovers he’s inside Malkovich’s head and can control his action. By playing with the internal maps used by Malkovich he can make him paranoid. Let’s substitute Trump for Malkovich and Putin for Trump. We go inside Trump’s head. Let’s call this movie: Being Donald Trump (2017) in pre-production.”

You can read the entire essay here:

If you’ve not bought your copy of Vincent Calvino #16 titled Jumpers, you can purchase the paperback with FREE shipping from Book Depository:

The ebook edition is here:

Be mindful of your mental constructs. They are unreliable handrails along a twisting, dark passage along the road of life.



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