Christopher G. Moore Updates: 4 April 2014

Dear Readers,

Where are you from?

That is a personal question about specific geographical boundary that applies to you and one you’ve been asked many times especially if you are an expat.

We accept the idea of borders and boundaries without a great deal of reflection. This week, I’ve written an essay asking questions about the meaning of boundaries in our lives: Who draws the maps fixing the borders? What are the modern significance of borderlines in the time of the Internet and Globalization? What does our vocabulary teach us when we review the borderland words and phrases?

For anyone who has made a visa run or renewed a passport, you’ve experienced a boundary issue that directly affects your life. Borders act to include and exclude and they don’t remain static. The Crimea, Scotland, and that Khmer temple along the Thai/Cambodian border are several recent examples of borderland politics.

The political conflict continues without resolution as the week ends. Many people have a theory of when it will end and how it will end. But many people have a theory of what happened to MH370. The reality is we don’t know what happened to that aircraft. That makes us angry and frustrated. That state of uncertainty and doubt is one most of us seek avoid. That’s why ‘just so’ stories are so powerful.

The temperatures in Thailand are rising—not just political ones—as this is the hottest month with 40C plus heat promised for many days. One way to avoid the stifling heat is to sit down with a good book filled with ‘cool’ knowledge about some aspect of life you wish to explore.



Latest Releases

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Memory Manifesto’s 35 short chapters reveal Christopher G. Moore’s personal map of the Cambodia labyrinth. Moore worked as journalist, novelist, and essayist which took him through T-3 prison, Khmer Rouge minefields, border refugee camps in the company of activists, artists, film makers, musicians, writers and unsavory characters. The overall effect is a powerful vision of one writer’s memory shaped by the forces of myth-making, illusions, history and imagination. More>>


Calvino investigates the death of a friend, a Canadian painter. The medical examiner finds the young man has ingested an exit drug, and the police verdict of suicide seems justified. But in Bangkok appearances have a habit of deceiving. Sometimes jumpers are given a leg up in their leap to the next life. Fingering the helper can be a risky business, and for Calvino this promises to be one of those times. More>>


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