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At the end of summer is a good time to take a minute and examine your own life. Take a deep breath and have a look around. After that self-audit, ask yourself if there is something missing. For many it is the loss of enchantment with the world. That is the platform we climbed to experience bliss and joy. Where did that state of mind go? How do we re-engage with those feelings? I have dive into the deep waters to find some answers to those questions in a new essay.

The paperback edition of Memory Manifesto: A Walking Meditation through Cambodia is now available on amazon.

From Paul Dorsey, in the Nation who reviewed Memory Manifesto:

“Time will tell whether Christopher G Moore has, as he believes, conceived a new literary genre, the “memory manifesto”, but his latest book, bearing that title, is certainly an extraordinary undertaking, melding memoir, science and portraiture in an entirely unprecedented form of assemblage.

The core of “A Memory Manifesto” is an examination of how Cambodia has withstood the horrors of the Khmer Rouge period. That evaluation, deeply personalised and poignant, gives Moore the basis on which to review his own life, study the power and the failings of the human memory, and consider this hi-tech world’s shifting perceptions in art, commerce and politics.

This is the promising “new genre”, placing one’s own autobiography within history’s spinning clockwork and discovering, if not its karmic rewards and retributions, then at least its interconnected validity. While steeped in psychology, the book is eminently readable and often fascinating.”

Full review:

I’ve written an essay titled Re-Enchantment. You can find it here: It is time to capture the lost magic we once felt and restore the balance between head and heart in our lives. Enjoy the essay.

Enjoy Memory Manifesto. Summer is behind us and winter is coming. A storm may be ahead. Enjoy every minute of this short experience we call life.

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