Christopher G. Moore Updates: 2 June 2015

Dear Readers,

Weíve reached the mid-year 2015 mark. A good time to assess life, events, and people. In an essay titled Anslingerís 100 year War, I take a look at Johann Hariís Chasing the Scream, an investigation into the war against drugs. That war began in 1930. If you are rusty on the history of how the ball got rolling, this essay should help you brush up on the origins of this war, the casualties, the winners and loser, and the glimmer of a ceasefire and finally toward a peace treaty post-Colorado and Washington State.

Two other articles of interest Iíd like to share.

The Boomers in the West and their pension fund managers chase after the dwindling opportunities for dividends. This pursuit for yields is responsible for the equity and bonds sticking at all time record highs and yields at an all time low. Marc Andreessen says donít look for a crash any time soon. Marc, a venture capitalist, looks at the big picture where yields will remain low into the near future.

Iris scan tech advances have red lights flashing. This article is a warning to us frogs in that nice warm water. Like all frogs we fail to notice we are being cookes as the water boils. Iris scanning should give you that sensation of slowly not feeling a thing as the water heats up. Blink once and they know where to find you. It's called function creep. That's how we find ourselves in boiling water one day.

Novels set in Thailand. Many of novels set in Thailand are published each year. Here are three novels to look out for; the authors are on the A-list of those who write novels about Thailand and with knowledge, experience and affection.

Colin Cotterill, Bleeding in Black and White. The novel has been recently published. Colinís sense of humor is legendary, and he knows how to knot the rope with enough tricks to keep you smiling and on the edge of your seat. Donít miss Bleeding in Black and White.

Another heavy slugger in the starting lineup is Timothy Hallinan. Tim hits the ball over the fence with The Hot Countries (A Poke Rafferty Novel). If youíve not read a Poke Rafferty Novel you are missing a very special series of novels set in Thailand. They are highly recommended.

When the bases are loaded, the game is tied and it is the bottom of the 9th Inning, it is time to send in John Burdett. Johnís new novel titled The Bangkok Assets featuring Sonchai Jitpleecheep, the iconic luk-krung Thai cop in the lead role. Johnís deep insight into the psychological and spiritual side of Thai culture makes his novels memorable.

Cotterill, Hallinan or Burdett turn a shopping list into a memorable reading experience; they are novelists whose books never let you down and never look down on you as a reader. Thatís something rare to be celebrated. Go to Amazon and pre-order their books.

Reading a good book still yields the best dividend. You will be enriched in ways that money canít buy.



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