Christopher G. Moore Updates: 28 November 2014

Dear Friends,

I have a problem grasping large numbers. I suspect others share the humbling experience when in the presence of a billion or trillion of something, you are expected to understand what that means and say something intelligent. Even without big numbers, I often fail that test, but throw in an Octillion paperclips, and I'd not be able to visual how big that pile would be.

This week the essay is titled When Your Number is Big, addresses some of the underlying issues that accompany large numbers. Here.

The new Calvino novel goes off for copy edit in December. That makes number 15. Vinny has been solving cases in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma for almost 25 years. He's the first ASEAN private eye. I appreciate your support for the series over the years. By buying and reading the Calvino novels, you've kept your part of the deal. My part is to deliver new novels that do justice to the series. I hope the new Calvino novel will realize that promise. Early next year it should be out.

January I will be going to the Jaipur Literary Festival. It has become one of the notable international literary festivals so it is time to go along for a closer look.

I have been reading with considerable interest Michael Graziano's Consciousness and the Social Brain and would recommend it. Graziano tackles the complex issue of attention, awareness and consciousness, with accessible prose and arguments backed by up with up to date research in this field.

With the holidays around the corner (December is almost here), don't forget that a book makes the perfect gift. And one of my books given to a friend or colleague would open a new world for him or her. Vinny thanks you.

Best regards,


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Memory Manifesto’s 35 short chapters reveal Christopher G. Moore’s personal map of the Cambodia labyrinth. Moore worked as journalist, novelist, and essayist which took him through T-3 prison, Khmer Rouge minefields, border refugee camps in the company of activists, artists, film makers, musicians, writers and unsavory characters. The overall effect is a powerful vision of one writer’s memory shaped by the forces of myth-making, illusions, history and imagination. More>>


Calvino investigates the death of a friend, a Canadian painter. The medical examiner finds the young man has ingested an exit drug, and the police verdict of suicide seems justified. But in Bangkok appearances have a habit of deceiving. Sometimes jumpers are given a leg up in their leap to the next life. Fingering the helper can be a risky business, and for Calvino this promises to be one of those times. More>>


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