Christopher G. Moore Updates: 28 March 2014

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How does the term “neutrality” apply in a political context where the parties are in conflict and the way out suggested by some is the appointment a neutral prime minister?

This week’s essay explores the range of meanings for neutrality in Thai politics. Also, another issue lies just below the surface: How to constrain state actors in a culture of impunity?

I saw a screening of the Oscar nominated documentary The Act of Killing, (you can watch an authorized copy of the movie for free on YouTube a 2.4 hour film five years in the making. Local thugs who participated in the slaughter of ethnic Chinese as “communists” in 1965 raised many issues about the culture of impunity that operates throughout Southeast Asia.

In many ways, the film is the story of Anwar Congo, and his friends, who re-create and re-live the events of 50 years ago when they killed Chinese up close and personal, one at a time. No one has been brought to justice for that genocide. Up to one million people were killed during this period.

For those of you in Thailand with a Kindle account, you can now download inexpensive ($3.99) copies of Asia Hand and The Risk of Infidelity Index.

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