Christopher G. Moore Updates: 27 June 2014

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This week back to crime, catching criminals and how Big Data changes the way that police departments deploy their resources.

This analysis of the current state of data collection and use technology by law enforcement officials takes us deep in the territory of Philip K. Dick and The Minority Report.

How far down that road have we come?

We are some way from using Big Data to predict criminal behavior before it occurs. But all the indications indicate that is indeed the road we are heading down.

Our ‘intentions’ will be deciphered using better and better algorithms that will analyze every email, Internet search, SMS, Twitter and Facebook activity. Every time you log on, you are revealing your ‘intentions’, ‘likes’, ‘dislikes’ and network of associations. One day in the near future that data may be sufficient to trigger a preventive detention order. Those on the run from preventive detention will be said to be criminals by virtue of a ‘Dick Order’.

The essay this week is entitled Predicting Future Crime With Big Data.

I hope that you will enjoy the essay.

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