Christopher G. Moore Updates: 22 August 2014

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Almost daily we have had newspaper reports about surrogacy issues in Thailand. A 24-year-old Japanese businessman apparently has father 15 children, using Thai surrogate mothers.

The facts of the case have been as unreliable as next week’s weather report. There has been a lot of speculation and gossip. No one seems to know the father’s motive and everyone has an idea or two to share as to what they think his reasons are to justify so many children born in a two-year period.

I examined the broader implications of what happens in the near future when a multi-billionaire decides he’d like to leave this world with 1,000 of his genetic children ready to run his commercial empire. The stakes of such an enterprise are immense. Rather than buying Congressmen, the .1% should be investing in surrogacy to ensure the safety of their wealth.

After 5 generations, with the founding 1,000 children each having 50 children, and those children each have 50 children, the numbers rise dramatically.

You can read: Baby Factory Dad—The Coming of the first Super Baby Maker Dad Singularity.

Star of Love, a short story from the collection Chairs is based on an afternoon drinking in Patpong with my mentor Barney Rosset. We discussed Henry Miller on that afternoon 14 years ago, and wondered how literary history would have been changed if Henry Miller had gone to Bangkok rather than Paris. At 99 cents, you can sit with Barney and me as we discuss this counterfactual historical possibility.

I hope that you will enjoy the essay.

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The essays range from political conflict to violence and criminal investigations in the digital age, to cultural upheavals, cognitive science and writing, including essays about Orwell, Kafka, and Henry Miller. More>>


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