Christopher G. Moore Updates: 21 March 2014

Dear Readers,

A missing aircraft out of Malaysia, 176 checkpoints/bunkers scattered through Bangkok, guns, bombs, and a region like the Crimea absorbed overnight into Russia makes this an interesting week.

On this Friday, the Constitutional Court will rule on the validity of the 2nd February election. The aftermath of that ruling may have wide implications that ripple throughout the political, social and economic system.

The increase of violence raises many questions.

My essay, Violence: The Next Big Leap, this week focuses on the nature of violence, the traditional ways that violence has been contained, and future game changers hinted at with the future merger of drones with artificial intelligence.

Will the 1% ever find themselves seated in the same vehicle as the 99%?

Check out Violence: The Next Big Leap for a stab at an answer.



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Memory Manifesto’s 35 short chapters reveal Christopher G. Moore’s personal map of the Cambodia labyrinth. Moore worked as journalist, novelist, and essayist which took him through T-3 prison, Khmer Rouge minefields, border refugee camps in the company of activists, artists, film makers, musicians, writers and unsavory characters. The overall effect is a powerful vision of one writer’s memory shaped by the forces of myth-making, illusions, history and imagination. More>>


Calvino investigates the death of a friend, a Canadian painter. The medical examiner finds the young man has ingested an exit drug, and the police verdict of suicide seems justified. But in Bangkok appearances have a habit of deceiving. Sometimes jumpers are given a leg up in their leap to the next life. Fingering the helper can be a risky business, and for Calvino this promises to be one of those times. More>>


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