Christopher G. Moore Updates: 18 July 2014

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Two Thai crime stories involving out of control, impulsive acts feature in this weeks essay. A mother shot her daughter to death and, in a separate case, a katoey attempted to rape a 72 year-old grannie. The title of the essay: Impulse Control & Crime.

I examine some of the literature on mental health, cognitive illusions and raise a question about cultural issues connected with impulsive behavior and the way it is dealt with by local law enforcement.

Id like to expand those who read the Calvino crime fiction series. If youd like to read as an ebook: Spirit House, Asia Hand, The Risk of Infidelity Index, or Paying Back Jack, and would like also to post a review of your thoughts on Goodreads, Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords or the book platform you like to use, then let me know and Ill gift you a copy.

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Spirit House Asia Hand The Risk of Infidelity Index Paying Back Jack

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