Christopher G. Moore Updates: 18 December 2015

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your friendship and support over 2015. As we head into 2016, it is a good time to reflect on our lives. My travels have taken to the Jaipur Literary Festival in January, to Melbourne in February and to Paris in July.

One of the lessons expats learn is that travel opens our horizons, hearts and minds; travel connects us to other cultures, languages, and histories. It broadens our perspective about what is important on a global scale and what is merely important only to our own sense of ‘self’.

For my first ten years in Thailand, I left the country every 90 days. It seemed like a pain at the time. In retrospect, it was the best thing that could have happened to shape my worldview.

In March, the 15th Vincent Calvino novel, Crackdown was released. It completes a three-book cycle in the Calvino series that began with Missing in Rangoon (2013) and The Marriage Tree (2014). The Age of Dis-Consent, a book of my essays was published in January 2015. Also in 2015, Chad Evans’ Vincent Calvino’s World was published. An Amazon reviewer summed it up: “If you are a Calvino fan, or even if are new to the series, I absolutely recommend you read Vincent Calvino’s World. The book is packed with information about the Calvino novels, the dual plots, Thai culture, Thai politics, how Thailand and Calvino have adapted and changed over the years, and so much more.”

As for the Calvino film/television series, I continue to wait for Godot. That is the nature of the film/TV industry. Much like how war has been described—mostly boredom, bugs, and waiting and then all hell breaks loose. I’ll let you know in 2016 if there is any incoming.

I live and write in a place and time that is a challenge for a writer. But a writer not up to meeting a challenge isn’t much of a writer or one you wish to spend time reading. With the Internet, we all suffer from information overload, a constant, addictive stream of photographs, news, comments, videos and opinion.

As we end the year, it is a good time to examine our lives, and ask whether we have the balance right or it needs some fine-tuning. Your friends, family and community appear to be on your screen. The real ones are in the next room waiting for a hug, a kiss and a kind word. Shut off the computer for a couple of hours and take a walk with a loved one and rediscover the world beyond your timeline. It’s waiting for you. Don’t be a Godot. Someone is waiting for that hug. Make it your New Year Wish. I’ve made it mine.

Warm regards,

P.S. As part book review and thought experiment, I've written an essay titled The Final Conjecture.


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