Christopher G. Moore Updates: 14 February 2014

Dear Readers,

I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be a day of romance and expressions of caring and giving to your friends, colleagues and family members. Remember each of them. Take time to let them know how much they matter to you and make your life worth living.

This week I’ve written an essay titled Hearts and Minds, an appropriate enough title for a Valentine’s Day message. In Thailand, there is an emotional war being waged. I explore the psychological dimension of the war for hearts and minds between those supporting the government and those seeking to oust the government and install an appointed ‘people’s council’ and prime minister.

History teaches a great deal is at stake when control over power and authority is fought over. Democracy has been one way to contain that battle. Parliament is the place for debate and making a government accountable to the citizens. Citizens have power through the ballot box. An effective opposition can bring down a government inside Parliament. Or it can take to the streets and turn its back on Parliament.

The idea of representative democracy is under challenge in Thailand. How will this battle of the elites turn out, with the opposition in the streets, Parliament on hold, and election that’s not finished and with no end in sight. When it will be finished? This is a question for an astrologer. For the rest of us, there is no clear answer. There are only shrill voices shouting, the fog of anger, and fast moving winds of highly charged emotional particles.

Hate is preached 24/7 from stages and partisan TV and radio stations, and personal insults are exchanged. It is useful to remember that Valentine’s Day is a reminder that we all think of ourselves as possessing a good heart. Take a moment to look inside your own heart on this Valentine’s Day, and ask yourself if you find evidence of tolerance and compassion for people whose opinions, values and goals are different from your own.

If you need some guidance on the Thai heart, you can download or send as a gift to someone you love a copy of Heart Talk for the price of a pint of larger. It might be a way to say you’ve looked into your heart and there are some things you’d like to share with others.

Have a great weekend, good reading, and stay in touch.

Best wishes,


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