Christopher G. Moore Updates: 12 December 2017

Dear Friends,

As we enter the holiday season and 2018 looms, I've put my thought to an essay about empathy. Given the time of years, a time when we look back as well as forward, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on how we might consider how we've changed intellectually and emotionally this year. Empathy is an important part of what a novel delvers. It is one reason I write the novels I've written.

I've attached a PDF file about Vincent Calvino. I've reduced the price of two of the popular titles to $2.99 for this season. Many of you will already have read Missing in Rangoon and The Marriage Tree but you likely know someone on your gift list who hasn't. Why not let them start their New Year with a book from a series that you've watched develop over the last 25 years?

I want to wish each of you a time of peace and joy, a time with your friends and family, and a time to reflect about increasing our caring about others might bring about something we're missing: a sense of good will.

Vincent Calvino’s holiday gift

Weary of the 24-hour news cycle and ceaselessly refreshing social media timeline? Books offer not only a refuge but also an adventure that will expand your world in depth beyond the clicks, 800-word articles and 30-second video clips. If you love losing yourself in the world of books, why not share this world with your loved ones in this holiday season?

To explore the world beyond the headlines, I’d like to suggest two special titles: Missing in Rangoon and The Marriage Tree. Part of the Vincent Calvino series, these two books feature Burma or Myanmar, refugees and ethnic minorities from the country, including the Rohingya.

Missing in Rangoon is set in Burma after its reopening to the outside world at the end of 50-year military dictatorship. Calvino and Pratt find themselves in a Southeast Asia Wild West, where even Pratt yields to temptation and falls of the wagon and Calvino has an experience that will continue to haunt him to this day.

The Marriage Tree shows the impact of violence against ethnic minorities in Burma has spilled over the border into Thailand. There is plenty of action, local color and characters who take you deep inside two cultures afflicted with unresolved ethical and ethnic issues.

Special holiday price: $2.99 each or about 97 baht.* (Special price for e-books only; ends 3rd January 2018.)

Missing in Rangoon (#13)
5-Star Amazon review: “Christopher Moore comes through once again as he follows Calvino and Pratt as they embark on their initially unrelated reasons to visit the "new" Rangoon. Soon enough Calvino's quest for a missing Thai musician and Pratt's investigation of meth-smuggling into Thailand become one and the same. A wonderfully cynical exploration of human greed and frailties thathas resonance far beyond SE Asia.”

The Marriage Tree (#14)
5-Star Amazon review: “Christopher G. Moore's novels are intimate… His writing reflects the very reason that Thailand is on the top of the world's travel destinations -- and -- I truly believe there is a worldly prescience in his plots. He is obviously very, very observant on local, global, and existential levels.”

Best wishes,


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