The Age of Dis-consent

ISBN 978-616-7503-31-8
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2015, 328 pages

In the follow up to The Cultural Detective, Faking It in Bangkok, and Fear and Loathing in Bangkok, Moore pays caring and critical homage to his residence of choice by diagnosing some of Thailand’s discontents and offering subtle remedies for readers to tease out.

The essays range from political conflict to violence and criminal investigations in the digital age, to cultural upheavals, cognitive science and writing, including essays about Orwell, Kafka, and Henry Miller.




Christopher G. Moore discussed and reads from
The Age of Dis-Consent.

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In The Age of Dis-consent … you glimpse the sort of raw materials and research that inform Moore’s novels… Moore shares his obsession with power: who wields it and who is struck dumb or dead by it. These quintessential questions of our time are treated in more intellectual and literary fashion in [this] collection of essays.
—Jim Algie, Bangkok 101

This delectable potpourri of essays uncommonly fuses Thai politics and society with literary strands and broader reflections on crime, culture and violence. Readers will find the book accessible in parts or as a whole, as it traverses a rare and eclectic range of genres.
—Thitinan Pongsudhirak, leading political analyst and professor at Chulalongkorn University

At one level, Moore’s book is a sober guide through the labyrinth of madness that is present-day Thailand. At a deeper level, it is an intelligent deconstruction of the world’s nameless chaos through a close reading of culture, law, crime, digital revolution, and other invisible forces in whose grip we have no choice but to endure.
—Kong Rithee, prominent political columnist

There are many people out there beating a drum with no shortage of followers. Christopher G. Moore deciphers the beats of those drums as well as anyone and makes readers realize the tune is more complicated than mere vibrations. There are more than enough reasons to add The Age of Dis-Consent to your reading list and bookshelf. To steal a line from both Lucian and Christopher found in the final chapter, I had a lovely time reading it and readers who enjoy thought provoking essays will too.
—Kevin Cummings, People's Things Literature

What becomes very obvious in these essays is the fact the Moore is far more than just a good story teller. He is a thinker who is able to transfer his thoughts into the written word.
—Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail



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