Pattaya 24/7

A Vincent Calvino crime novel
Eighth in the series

ISBN 978-974-8418-41-4
Mass paperback 4 1/4" - 7"
2008, 372 pages

Inside a secluded, lush estatelocated on the edge of Pattaya, an eccentric English-man’s gardener is found hanged. Calvino has been hired to investigate. Calvino finds himself pulled deep into the shadows of the war against drugs, into Code Orange alerts to flash across the screen of American intelligence.

In a story packed with twists and turns, Calvino traces the links from the gardener’s past to the door of men with power and influence who have everything to lose if the mystery of the gardener’s death is solved.

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Calvino does it again...well-developed characters and the pace keeps you reading well after you should have turned out the light.
—Farang Magazine (Thailand)

Intelligent and articulate, Moore offers a rich, passionate and original take on the private eye game, fans of the genre should definitely investigate, and fans of foreign intrigue will definitely enjoy.
—Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

The best in the Calvino series . . . The story is compelling.
—Bangkok Post

Pattaya 24/7 is one of best in the Calvino series—original, provocative, and rich with details and insights into the underworld of Thai police, provincial gangsters, hit squads, and terrorists.
—Pieke Bierman, award-wining author of Violetta

A cast of memorably eccentric figures in an exotic Southeast Asian backdrop
—The Japan Times

Pattaya 24/7 is a compelling, atmospheric and multi-layered murder investigation set in modern-day Thailand. The detective, Calvino, is a complex and engaging hero.
—Garry Disher, award-winning author of The Wyatt Novels

Pattaya 24/7 pulls the reader through a landmine of traumatic moods—anxiety, greed and fear.
—The Nation

Moore’s literary talents are obvious. This book is deeper than the well one of the characters was fished out of.
—Pattaya Mail

The colourful gallery of secondary characters in Pattaya 24/7 is a distinctive feature that increases the reader’s interest. We enjoy the spicy taste of hard-boiled fiction reinvented in an exotic but realistic place—in fact, not realistic, but real!.
—Thriller Magazine (Italy)

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