Heart Talk

Say What You Feel in Thai

ISBN 974-94118-9-7
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2006, 370 pages

Heart Talk is a study of the emotional range of the Thai language through the word jai or heart in English. It provides a comprehensive list of 900 jai phrases, neatly organized for different situations.

The book comes with phonetic and pronunciation guides, and a sign language bonus for selected jai phrases. Explanation for each jai phrase includes illustrative examples.

Heart Talk provides an insight into how Thai speakers express their feelings. It opens the door to the private realm of the Thai language: the linguistic heartscape where ideas take shape, feelings are formed, moods floated, and relationships mended when broken.

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14 ways to say "I love you" in Thai

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14 ways to say "To Break A Heart" in Thai

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The Thai language must have more expressions for the heart than any other tongue. So the third edition of Heart Talk, which has been greatly expanded, will give your Thai Skills a triple bypass. Never again will locals chuckle at your I-am-Tarzan Thai. Now they’ll just giggle like leprechauns on laughing gas at your off-key pronunciation.”
—Untamed Travel, October 2006

Moore has . . . voyaged deeply into the heart of his adopted country, and this is nowhere more evident in his one nonfiction book, the appropriately titled Heart Talk. A groundbreaking exploration of Thai culture, the volume was inspired by Moore’s realization that the notion of heart, in all its forms, is the central metaphor in the Thai language.
—Georgia Straight

The book should prove an invaluable tool for both Thai speakers and students of that language.
—The Nation

For anyone who is interested in the Thai language this is a fascinating book.

WOW. Not only will this book help you express yourself more in a Thai fashion, it also gives you an interesting glimpse into the Thai psyche.
—www.amazon.com reader’s review

Thais are never at a loss for an exact heart phrase. However, no Thai/English dictionary covers their full range and subtlety. With its careful descriptions and practical examples, Moore's book comprehensively fills the gap.

Heart Talk, a book indispensable for discerning Thai concepts and phrases relating the word ‘heart’.

If you would like to learn more about the Thai language's rich and varied jai expressions, get yourself a copy of the book Heart Talk by Christopher G. Moore.




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