Heart Talk

Say What You Feel in Thai

ISBN 974-94118-9-7
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2006, 370 pages

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Sample Jai phrases

Earnest Heart
duay nam say jai jing

The feeling of giving something to another without any expectation of receiving something in return for the gift. Another person may help a friend in their work studies. It is done out of the goodness of one’s heart and not for selfish reasons. The person rendering the good deed would not accept money for his or her action.

Jerkily Dancing Heart
jai teen may pen jangwa

Something has caused the heart to flutter or dance madly. This is the feeling of excitement experienced in relation to a person, thing or event. It might be the rush and thrill of an amusement park ride. Or it may be that Lek is so overwhelmed in meeting a movie heart-throb, that her heart starts pounding out of control. Vinai asks Noi out for dinner. She has had a secret crush on Vinai, so the invitation causes Noi to feel jai teen may pen jangwa. Her heart is jerkily dancing about in her chest.

Small Heart
jai nOOy

A person who has a jai nOOy nature is extremely sensitive and may become hurt or sad more readily than somone else. Such a person may read into your actions or words motives which you did not intend, suggesting that you have made an unfair accusation or insulted him or her. Care must be taken not to speak carelessly with such a person or you run the risk of hurting his or her feelings.

Black Heart
jai dam

This phrase is criticism hurled at you in circumstances where you fully understand another person’s problem or setback and yet, despite your knowledge of the urgent need for help, you turn your back and walk away. A Thai friend requests a loan to pay for the hospital expense of her mother and you refuse even though you could easily afford making the loan. The friend may retort that you have a “black heart”. The best English word to express the kind of person who bears the label jai dam is pitiless.

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